I have trouble swallowing pills, are vitamins less effective if I chew them?



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    Most of the time, you can get away with chewing them, though good luck with the taste. Some time-release supplements don’t work as well when chewed. There are also specifically chewable vitamins you can buy. Your best bet is to just buckle down and learn to swallow, though – if you ever get sick enough to require prescription medications, those are often swallow only.

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    Some experts might argue that vitamin pills are not really that helpful for your health than people make them out to be. I would recommend reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. The whole idea behind vitamin pills is that nutritional health can be broken down to simple compounds, but that may not be necessarily true physiologically. Our bodies and how we digest foods is way more complex than nutritionists give credit to. It might not be as simple as injecting vitamins into our bodies and assuming that our bodies are able to take them up and use them.

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