I have a tree that was pruned (lots) and have large branches. I want to know if it is OK to cut it up and use it in my fireplace

I have looked at tree identification sites and it looks like a dogwood. White flowers, red berry 3/8 inches. Not sure if clumped – never looked closely. Leaf is green, goes to Red. Is Oval shaped, but not too oval. Seems a little fatter on the bottom – maybe rain drop shaped? I live in southern Ontario



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    If it is a dogwood (and that is what it sounds like, a round-leaf dogwood to be more precise), then it will yield excellent firewood. There are several criteria that determine the quality of a tree species for firewood. If its relative heat is high and it burns easiy; whether it yields heavy or light smoke; if it throws sparks; or if it has a pleasant or foul smell. Thick trees, such as oaks, beeches and maples, are the standard for excellent firewood species, but dogwood is an acceptable substitute. 

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