I have a ton of legos from when I was a kid what should I do to them?



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    Donate it to your local homeless shelter or orphanage. These kids really need them and would be in love with you if you do so. Additionally, you are greatly helping the environment because you are reusing. This is much better than simply throwing them out and even better than recycling. 

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    There are a ton of different options about what to do with your legos as a lot of people have already mentioned.  Here are a few more ideas:

    1. Lego Fashion Hats: put your creative side to work and start constructing your favorite hat made out of legos!

    2. Lego Jewelry:  don’t like hats?  Use string and a few tools to poke holes in the legos to make your favorite jewelry pieces: necklaces, bracelets, earrings — you be the designer!

    3. Lego Rings: couldn’t get enough of those jewelry pieces you made?  What about a ring?  Buy premade silver rings and glue different Lego pieces onto the silver ring for an instant upgrade for your fingers

    4. Lego Chair:  Although you can’t technically sit on it the Lego chair is something to marvel at and can be the perfectly funky piece for a livingroom

    These are just a few ideas.  Have fun and get creative!

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