i have a theory that there is no such thing that one thing like oil perhaps should be ended everything in our planet thats considered bad should not be ended but put into moderation w/o bad there is not good. am i right?



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    I would agree with your statement, but honestly with such a thing like oil that contributes to so many parts of our lives, moderation of it would be difficult. This is why we are creating alternatives to oil use, specifically for our cars. A good portion of our lives would not be possible without oil: our cars need it, compact discs and casette tapes are made through petroleum products and some of our household items are made with petroleum products as well. Moderation would be difficult just because we use it for so many things. Moderation may come to use in the future as alternatives are being created for energy, but it may take some time.

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    I believe that your stating – all thiings in moderation – which in reference to how you live your life in general is usually a good attitude.  However, it does not mean (in life or in regards to the environment) that you should ever do things that would have a high probability of a negative outcome.  In other words – you wouldn’t tell someone it’s ok to dive off of a 50 story building, as long as you don’t do it everyday.  It is inherently dangerous every time.  so even in moderation it is not ok.  Science has allowed us to understand many things and through that understanding has encouraged us to try things as well, sometimes without fully understanding the consequences until it’s too late.  Sometimes too late may be the death of the scientist in the near time, or the death of a species in the long run. 

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    The problem with oil is that even if we use it moderation, it will most likely run out anyway. It is basically a finite resource, so we need to prepare for using less of it. But, anything that is finite will last longer if you use less of it.

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    I agree with valkyrie, and with regards to the environment I think their point is especially salient. Air or water pollution, for instance, is just bad, even if done in moderation. However you’re right, most problems facing humanity today stem from over-consumption, over-use, or over-indulgence. A species will become endangered because they are over-hunted, or because their habitat is destroyed faster than it can replenish. Deforestation is a pejorative process because trees, and the dependent eco-systems, are felled faster than they can re-grow. It’s an interesting perspective.

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