I have some old magazines from the 80’s what should I do to get rid of them?



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    Recycle!  Although, some recycling centers don’t like the glossy inserts in magazines, so tear those out first.  On the other hand, a few old magazines are actually valuable to collectors.  Check out completed auctions on Amazon.com to see if yours might be among them.

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    Libraries will sometimes take older magazines, as will some second-hand book stores. Depending on the magazines, you may be able to sell them online – there’s a website with more information in the link. If you have a crafty bent, there are tons of different things you can make from them, ranging from trash baskets to lampshades (see second link below).

    Otherwise I would recommend just recycling them with your other paper materials, or at your nearest recycling center. If you aren’t sure where that is, the website Earth 911 let’s you search by zip code – here’s the link:


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    I would check and see what sort of vintage and collectible stores are in your area and see if you can either donate or sell them. I know that there are a few places where I live (Seattle) where you can buy old “vintage” magazines.

    You could also repurpose the magazines… frame some of the more interesting covers, and hang them as decoration. Use them for art projects, to wrap presents, or as packing material. I tore up a bunch of old magazines and used them to wrap my dishes the last time I moved… the ink doesn’t come off and get all dirty like newspaper.

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