I have a small company and want to help it be more green. What are some things we can do in our office?



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    Reduce the amount of paper you use by sending emails or posting just one announcement in a common area. When you do use paper, use recycled products.

    Install motion-sensors in places like conference rooms and bathrooms where people leave and forget to turn out the light. This will save energy.

    Encourage to people to turn off and unplug electronics they are not using. By simply leaving a cell phone charge plugged in the wall you waste $13 of energy a year!

    Provide challenges to employees to car pool, walk, or utilize public transportation to get to work.

    Have recycling bins for paper and other items, like soda bottles and cans. Place these by all trash and by the copiers / printers so it is convenient for everyone.

    Utilize green cleaning products like Green Works to help protect the environment.

    Good luck!

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