I have a signboard above my shop and I use a timer to on the lights until midnight.

After midnight, the timer shuts off the lights. I would like to know if there is a solar light system that can on the sign board from 7pm till next days 7am so I can save electricity bills.



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    A solar system will turn the lights on and off, not at a certain time, but on at sunset and off at sunrise, which may correspond to 7:00 where you are or not. Check out the first link below for what appears to be the most popular solar timer for lights, although there are others. This same technology is now used in a lot of cities to turn streetlights on and off.

    If you want the sign to go on and off at those exact times, a traditional timer will probably work as long as it is set to the right times. I agree that a solar timer would be great for this purpose, because there is no need to have a shop light on when it might be bright daylight. Good luck!

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      Is there a solar device to light the signboard instead of electricity to on the signboard, like solar water heater instead of using kettel to boil water?

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      Oh, I see what you mean. Again, the technology does exist: in Europe, they’ve just come out with a “solar tree” which is a cluster of streetlights lit by solar power in this way. I also know that there are little solar-powered lights one can put in one’s yard.
      Ok, after a little research, I’ve come up with two companies that might have what you’re looking for:
      1) http://www.siliconsolar.com/solar-sign-lights.html –by your description, I’m thinking that this is what you mean: a light to go above the signboard? If not, search the site, because they have some other great devices.
      2) http://www.solarlightstore.com/solar-specialty-lights/468+474.cfm –This is a huge solar light store, and that link is to their specialty section. If none of this is what you want, perhaps e-mail them and see if they can help you?
      Good luck.

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