I have seen a dramatic increase in flying gnat like bugs recently, is this a sign the apocalypse is coming?



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    That’s a very unlikely leap…the bugs may be doing better because the year has been relatively mild. Small insects do well if it’s not too hot and not too dry. It depends on your area of course.

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    It certainly does seem like the gnats are on the increase, but the apocalypse? Highly unlikely. One of the possible reasons for the increase in certain insects is the decrease in numerous bat and bird species. These tend to be very related issues. As for the Biblical side of your question, you might consider referencing the wise Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts on The Book of Revelations and its author; it’s quite illuminating.

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    There could be many reasons for the increase of gnats in your area. Gnat populations tend to be the highest in the summer months, and they tend to come out during the evening. Gnats tend to swarm in large numbers for protection, a bird or bat will have a harder time targeting one gnat in a large swarming community. When gnats come out during the evening the setting sun’s rays are closer to the red end of the spectrum which makes the gnats optics less effective. Gnats tend to be attracted to animals with similar color eyes to their own, so if you have similar color eyes, during the evening conditions gnats may mistake you for a friend and swarm around your head.

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    They could be fruit flies. Fruit flies are very common in homes, especially kitchens. Typically fruit flies become a nuisance around late summer. They are attracted to ripened fruit and other organic material, around which they will lay their eggs. To prevent them, eliminate sources of attraction. Don’t leave rotting food in the garbage and do your dishes!

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