I have a rubbermaid water bottle,…is number 5 dishwasher safe?



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    People have differing opinions on the safety of dishwashing plastic, however, the general consensus is that polypropylene (plastic #5) is a safe option. This type of plastic does not leach, which means that toxic chemicals will not make their way into your water.

    If the #5 is rigid (as I suspect your Rubbermaid bottle is), it has a longer life and durability through dishwashing. Even though this is one of the safest types of plastic to put in the dishwasher, it is always a good idea to be wary when heating plastics. Rather than putting your water bottle in the line of heat on the bottom rack, place it on the top rack. You can also opt to air dry the bottle to save it the extra blast of heat from a heat dry. This will help stretch the life of your water bottle.

    Be careful when dishwashing containers made with #5 that come from a grocery store. While this plastic is easy to recycle, it’s flimsy nature may lead to warping in the dishwasher.


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