I have recently learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Now that I know about it, I want to do my best to eliminate plastic bags from my life if at all possible. What do you suggest that I line my trash can with if I don’t use plastic liners?



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    The most environmentally friendly way would to go is to use nothing. If you must use something, newspaper is a great alternative. To line a trash can, take a few sheet of newspaper and press the paper up against the sides of the trash can, leaving a few inches at the top to roll/fold over the edge of the can. Place folded newspaper at the bottom of the can to absorb any liquid. When the can is full, unroll the newspaper from the top of the can and fold the newspaper and trash into a ball. Works great for indoor trash cans and recycling bins.

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    If you are composting, reusing, and recycling everything you possibly can, then you should only be left throwing away plastics from packaging and old dusty relics from your attic.  If this is the case, then using a plastic bag to seal all the plastic into one bundle isn’t too bad of an idea.  If you use something that will decompose easily, then the plastic from inside the bag will spill out into the surrounding area…

    Also there are decomposable garbage bags (although I am not sure I understand fully the reasoning behind decomposing garbage bags, for the same reason that all the plastic and waste inside the bag will then spill out).  

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    Regarding discarding organic waste, there are several great lines of biodegradable trash bags out there made from a sugar-derived plastic proxy called cellulose. They do not dissolve under temporary exposure to sunlight or water, but will completely biodegrade after a month in the sun or submerged in water. 

    Also, kitchen composting is a quick and effective way to biodegrade all your organic waste into a usable form of nutritious soil. See the link cited for more details.

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