I have a non-stick pan that is starting to degrade. What is the most responsible way to dispose of it?



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    You can try to contact the manufacturer and ask them what the best way to get rid of their pan would be. If they are unable to give you a proper answer, try taking it to your local recycling center and see if they are willing to dispose of the pan for you.  Hope this helps!

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    This is a great question. Unfortunately I’m not sure there is an eco-friendly method to dispose of teflon coated pans yet. I found a thread on Green Living Tips that says that they cannot be recycled yet. 

    I know this isn’t helpful given your situation, but I personally try not to buy non-stick pans anymore. Beyond just the disposal issues, I’ve read a number of things that say they are unsafe if they get too hot or if they get micro scratches on them. 

    It is, of course, a little harder to cook with non-non-stick pans, but I think it’s worth the peace of mind. Hope this helps at least a little bit!

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