I have a large owl that hangs in my back yard do I need to worry about my dogs?



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    First off, it depends on your location, and secondly it largely depends on the size of your dogs.  The Great Horned Owl, which is found in Florida, has been known to attacksmaller dogs in its hunting region.  The Barred Owl, which is the only other large owl, also preys on small mammals.  For the most part this type of owl lives in wooded areas.  If your dogs are smaller, then I would definitely advise you not to let them outside at night on their own.  If you must, then you should accompany your dogs.  Owls do not normally attack in the obvious presence of a human.

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    If you have small dogs, this is a definite problem.  There is a list of owls that are medium-large who are fully capable of viewing your pets and prey.  When comparing owl’s typical prey size to your dogs, think about typical prey animal for owls: rabbits, skunks…

    You should definitely consult local wildlife authorities for further information on what to do.  The owl may be an endangered species, and therefore should not be tampered with.  Cover all your bases while ensuring the safety of your pets.

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