I have a houseplant with wine leaves shaped like a big shamrock it has little pale lilac flowers. It closes when it is dark . Could you tell me what I have?



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    Does your plant resemble this?  This is a picture of an oxalis triangularis, a very common houseplant.  The flowers close at night.  My boyfriend had one, but his three-year-old daughter ate it.    She’s still very healthy, by the way, since this is an edible plant.

    Oxalidaceae-Oxalis triangularis-163.jpg

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    I agree with, “americalibre” it sounds like an Oxalis family plant. Oxalis, or wood sorrel, plants grow well in low light conditions of the forest floor. This makes them exceptional houseplants. It it is this species it is edible. I have had them before and they taste a little sour, great in a salad with some mandarin oranges!

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