I have heared about a fish of which male & female genders are sometimes considered totally deifferent species. Is it true?

I have heared that male species mate with female by dessolving in female body. Male species are very small than female species. I have heared this on national geographic few year back. Is it true? What is name of the species? Please provide detail.



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    I think what you’re referring to is the Deep Sea Anglerfish (Melanocetus johnsoni).  The male anglerfish is much smaller than the female, and when it matures into adulthood, its digestive system rots and stops working.  If it does not find a female, it will die of starvation.  If it does find a female, it bites into her flesh and releases an enzyme that dissolves her skin and the skin in his mouth and their blood vessels fuse together — he becomes a part of her body and she nourishes him.  She can support several males this way, and when she is ready to lay eggs, she has a mate available instantly.  Here’s a picture of a female anglerfish with an attached male. from the NOAA site.


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