I have had a walnut tree which produced walnuts for years. Now, for two years in a row it has not had nuts. Why?



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    Well, first check what you have done. Have you pruned nut-bearing branches? Have you sprayed the tree with chemicals? Or have you added nitrogen to the areas around the tree? If so, you may have caused the lack of nut production.

    Weather conditions could have caused this. Did you have consistently late frosts? Droughts? Anything that damaged the tree? Also, sometimes trees produce crops in cycles. It is not unheard of for a tree not to produce sometimes. Every few years, you’ll get a bumper crop, and then production will taper off.

    There is a possibility that your tree is ill. You might want to set up a consultation with your local arborist if you continue to have concerns about your tree.

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      I would like to add to the information. My family lives about 1/10th mile from me and have many walnut trees in their at various ages in development. They always have walnuts on at least some of their trees, but this year they have none either on any of their trees.

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