I have a duck sitting in my garden I think on eggs. It has been about 5 days since I noticed it. Should I be feeding it? How long before the eggs hatch?



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    According to liveducks.com it takes about 28 days for duck eggs to hatch.  I don’t know what the protocol is on feeding ducks, but remember that they do this without human influence quite frequently and will likely get off the eggs when they feel it is safe to get food.  I think the male ducks might also stick around, at least the mallard of the pair nesting in my grandparen’s yard did.  He may bring her food, or sit on the eggs while she gets food.  I would recommend staying away from the ducks as much as possible, they can be quite protective, but if you feel you want to try to feed them, put something out, but leave it a resonable distance from the nest, with the caution that they may come back for years if they know they can get food from you.

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