I have a development that I am going to put eight houses on. I want to do an eco friendly prefab are there any that are energy net zero?



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    I do not know how available prefabricated zero-energy homes are in the marketplace at the present time, but there are certainly companies out there working on them. An inventor named Joseph Bellomo recently unveiled the “House Arc,” a zero-energy prefabricated modular home that comes shipped in a 4 x 10 x 3 foot box and can be assembled on-site into a 150 square foot dwelling. That’s not a lot of living space obviously, and that’s why the House Arc is being considered as a potential disaster relief solution. More along the lines of what you are probably looking for is a zero-energy house being developed by Zeta Communities of San Leandro, California. These townhomes will be prefabricated in a factory and will create as much energy as they consume, reducing their carbon footprint to zero. Zeta is also working on a 30-unit apartment house in Berkeley that is expected to be zero energy. If you want more information I would contact Zeta Communities directly and see if they can give you some tips; I’m listing their website in the links below.

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    It’s a good way to promote that products,readers should like and accept this way.moreover it is good for our environment.


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