I have arsenic wallpaper,what do i do?…

my walls have arsenic wallpaper, can we move back in after the paper is gone and the walls painted , will it be safe?



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    Exposure to arsenic occurs when a person breathes air containing arsenic, comes into physical contact with arsenic, consumes arsenic (which can be found in small amounts in foods such as fish and shellfish), or comes into contact with poisons containing arsenic (i.e. rat poison) This being said, severe illness and/or death caused by arsenic poisoning happens only if a person was exposed to a large amount of arsenic or if a person was exposed for a long period of time.

    If your your wallpaper contained trace amounts of arsenic and you took the proper steps to remove the paper, you should be fine to move back in to your place.

    However, if you are concerned and would like to talk to professional, you can either contact your doctor and request toxicology tests.  

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