I have 655 tires on my property,where can i donate them without paying money per tire

please email me at Jsorensen64@yahoo.com thank you very much



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    It appears that you may have a few different options for disposing your tires, but it will take some time and energy to find out the best way for you.

    – Contact your local waste disposal department and ask them what to do with the tires. Many places have a ‘tire amnesty day’ in which you can dispose of a large number of tires. However, there can be a limit so check with them the number you would be limited to.

    – If you are planning on buying any new tires, some companies have a policy that allows you to return old tires when you buy new ones. This doesn’t help when you have 655, but could be a way of getting rid of a few tires.

    – Contact the tire manufacturer. Often they have a policy that allows them to accept old tires back. Again, this would be a way of getting rid of a few.

    – Search Earth911 online for a tire recycler in your area.

    Because you have so many tires, I think that a combination of efforts to dispose of them would be the best solution. It won’t be quick or easy, but it may help you get rid of a lot of tires without having to pay any money. 

    Do check with your local waste disposal department if you plan to just throw them away, as many states no longer allow tires to be thrown into landfills so that could cause you a problem.


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