i have 4500 trees over six years old,can i sell carbon credits?how?



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    A carbon credit is a tradable (or sellable) certificate or permit that represents the right to emit one tonne of greenhouse gas.

    To buy and sell carbon credits you need to be registered as a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). Contact the CCX to see if you qualify to become a member and gain carbon credits. Once you are approved you can begin trading with companies looking to offset their carbon footprint.

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    You might also ask yourself if you even want to sell carbon credits in the first place. Selling carbon credits gives someone else a feeling of reduced guilt when they emit carbon dioxide. However, you might have decided to grow your trees whether or not you got paid by someone else who offset their carbon emissions, and that someone else probably would have emitted carbon whether or not carbon credits were available for purchase. In fact, the carbon emitter may even emit more carbon than they would have otherwise since the purchase of carbon offsets is purely optional. There is an organization that made a rather interesting satirical analogy to carbon offsets called cheatneutral.

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