I have 2 TV’s how do I recycle them?



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    It’s easy! You just need to find a recycling center in your area that accepts TVs. Earth911.com can help you find recycling centers throughout the US. You search for what you want to recycle (cans, TVs, fabric, etc.), and then enter your location.

    Best Buy also runs an electronic recycling program in their stores. They will accept up to two items per day per household.

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    I highly recommend you take them to a Goodwill or a Salvation Army.  Reusing is much better for the environment than recycling.  It saves the energy that would normally be used for recycling.  Plus, most people are always grateful to find a $10 TV!

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    You can go to http://earth911.com/ and search for a place in your area that will take the TV’s, it will show you the options available to you, usually thrift stores that will take them in and resell them.

    If you wish to recycle it, you can go to the Environmental Protection Agency’s website http://www.epa.gov/epawaste/conserve/materials/ecycling/index.htm, where it discusses e-cycling (electronic recycling) and the different options and methods that there are. You can also go here http://www.ecyclingcentral.com/ and find an area where you live that offers e-cycling.

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    If the televisions work well you may consider donating them to a community center or an afterschool program where children could benefit from the donation. A lot of nonprofit organizations or others can help you get a tax deduction for the donation and someone else will be able to enjoy the gift, if even for awhile. It is reusing before recycling!

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