I have 2 terrapins and one of them has not opened their eyes for a few days. She is also not eating either! What could be wrong?



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    If the turtle is wheezing, it may have a respiratory infection. If the temperature is warm and conditions are favorable, try putting your turtles outside today, even if you just take them out and watch them. Turtles need natural sunlight for the Vitamin D and a day in the outdoors does wonders for many pet turtles. If you put them outside in a container, make sure they will have access to shade and cannot escape.

    Clean out their cage very well and scrub away any algae or lodged food. Maybe even separate the two turtles so the one with the closed eyes can rest and not be disturbed. Try offering her her favorite foods or something all together different.

    If your turtles are already outside, try cleaning the cage really well and separating the two for a little while. Make sure the cage gets enough sunlight, but that there is access to shade as well.

    Good luck!

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