I had a tabebuia tree put in last year and would like to transplant to another part of my yard is that plausible or will it not take?



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    Transplanting any plant, but especially trees, is very stressful for the plant in question. This kind of stress can lead to decay or even death, especially for plants that were weak beforehand, and especially for trees that are not being transplanted from containers. When transplanting from ground to ground, there are a few things to take into account.

    Size is the first. is it even plausible? A tall or wide tree would probably require lots of heavy machinery, or sometimes simply cannot be moved without killing it. Saplings, on the other hand, can often be transplanted by just one person because its root system will still be relatively small. The tabebuia tree tends not to have an aggressive root system, so if it was in a confined space before transplantation, then its root development will not stretch very widely.

    Second is the choice of location. Is it in a place that is easy to dig around to begin with? Or is its root system stuck between immovable barriers? Will it have enough space where it is going? Soil quality, drainage, and proper sunlight all factor into the location question.

    And lastly, the season. Transplant woody trees from the spring through the early fall, but never when there’s a chance for ground frost.

    Making sure the plant is getting enough water – before, during, and after the transplanting process – will probably be the most important part of its transplantation. Good luck, and see the links below for more information.

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    Sowearlysowoften is absolutely right. I’d just like to mention that if this tree is close to your house, you should definitely risk the tree’s survival and transplant. It should be about 30 feet from your house or more to avoid roots damaging your house, foundation, or branches damaging your roof. Best times to transplant are in Spring and Fall.

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