I go backpacking a lot what is the best thing to do with toilet paper that we use?



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    This is a really tough question which has been under rigorous debate.  Basically you have a few options.  You can pack your used TP out, you can burn it, or you can bury it (assuming you bought biodegradable TP).  I’ve heard various arguments as to which one is “better”, but it seems to come down to the situation.  If you are in a situation where you are near nothing that is flammable (such as a desert) you can burn it.  If you are in a wetter climate, the moisture should allow for the TP to compost fairly easily.  But, if you are near flammable objects and the climate does not allow for easy composting, PACK IT OUT!

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      I agree with Brettleverett; I just wanted to emphasize that if you choose to burn your TP make sure that nothing nearby is flammable. Deserts can, and do burn, so if you are in a desert try to be on a large rock or clear all the organic (burnable) material away.

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    It’s simple, places like walmart and hunting/camping stores like cabelas will have biodegradable tp. you can use it and leave it,  just bury it. It will degrade with nature, so will your feces.

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    Use it for cleaning dirty things on shoes or for toiletry purposes,right?

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    I would follow the “Leave No Trace” principle and just take it with you if its not too messy or bury it so it can decompose. the toilet paper will decompose eventually, the speed of that will depend on the soil it is in. 

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    The best thing to do is to pack it out.  Some outdoor/adventure outlets sell biodegradable toilet paper, but leaving absolutely no trace is arguably a better solution than leaving used toilet paper lying around.  Bring some plastic bags to seal your used TP in.  I double-bag and I usually bring lemon tea bags to drop inside as well in order to help with the smell.

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