I found a small, six-legged, round-bodied little brown bug in my apartment. Is it a tick?

It is very small (about 1/4 size of a pea I would say), and has legs that look black, and have many joints (like sausage links). I found it caught on its back (it could not turn itself over), so it was writhing around on my bathroom counter. I think it had just fallen from somewhere like my medicine cabinet or something. I caught this mysterious intruder and placed it in a jar. It made a “klink” sound when it hit the bottom. It’s body is dark brown, but not flat – it is round. I read that juvenile ticks can have six legs, but I still can’t tell if this is definitely a tick or not…



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    It is definitely not a tick if it is the size you specified and hard. Tick larvae do have six legs, but they are extremely tiny (see pic below for scale). An adult hard tick (dog tick) would have a hard back, but they have eight legs. I wish I could tell you what it actually is, but at least you don’t have to worry about it feeding on you and your pets. 

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    From your decription, it could be a bedbug… 

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    You did not indicate whether the organism has wings or not even though you pointed out that it was caught on its back.

    Anyway, from the description you gave, it mau either be a bedbug but the exoskeleton of the bedbug is usually softer than that of the tick. I suggest you take it to an entomologist for proper identification.

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