i found a king fisher bird with a hurt wing are they endangered birds and what can i feed him till he gets better

i live in delaware county downsville ny



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    It depends on the type of Kingfisher bird. The belted Kingfisher bird is not endangered, but the Guam Kingfisher bird is, with only 132 individuals left in the wolrd. Here is a picture of the Guam Kingfisher bird.

    Guam Kingfisher

    Kingfishers are highly adaptable and will usually eat whatever food is available, as long as it isn’t a plant. They will eat insects (mainly grasshoppers), reptiles, amphibians, mollusks, scorpians, spiders, crabs, mice, and even small birds.

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    I would contact a local university to consult with an ornithologist. He or she may have tips on how to care for the bird till it mends or if there are local facilities that are better equipped for this situation.

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