I drink a lot of wine, what should I do with all the corks and bottles?



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    The number one thing that you should do with regards to the bottles is just recycle them.  There aren’t many other eco-friendly things that you can do with win bottles, but pretty much any recycling system will take glass wine bottles. As far as the corks go, there are a few companies that recycle them, one of which I supplied a link to.  They will take your corks and do something with them that is eco-friendly.  Your other option is to save up your corks and use them for some sort of project because they have a surprising amount of uses.  I attached a link for projects that you can do if you have enough corks, a lot of which are really cool.

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    The most creative solution I’ve found is to make drinking glasses from your wine bottles.  The first link below offers a tutorial on how to do so.  As for corks, you can use the second link below – simply type in “corks”, along with your zip code, and you will be given a list of nearby recycling centers that will accept your corks.

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