I don’t know the name of a tree

I have been looking at a particular tree in various yards in Albuquerque, New Mexico for years! 🙂 I have always lovingly referred to them as “hobbit trees,” because I have absolutely no idea what they are.

They are medium-sized, with very thick trunks with lots of knobs and the like. The branches grow out of these knobs in narrower shoots, and the broad leaves create a canopy that is so dense the patch of shade has absolutely no streams of sunlight whatsoever. The branches and leaves have a rounded look to them, almost like what you woud expect to see in children’s drawing of trees. They have an almost whimsical feel, and I always pictured them in the hobbits’ forests growing up, hence the nickname I have given them. 🙂

I would love to find out what this tree is; I have heard some individuals refer to it as an umbrella tree, but the pictures I’ve been able to find do not look quite right. Now that I have my own home, I want to know what kind of tree it is, and do proper research to make sure that I could provide the proper conditions in which it will thrive. 🙂

It is my hope that you can help me find out what my “hobbit tree” is. 🙂 I would greatly appreciate it.



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    I would suggest you take a photo and download it so the experts can see what it look likes.  Another suggestion is to ask the person in whose garden it is growing. INnmy experience most people are very receptive to a genuine enquiry.

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