I believe someone is using the recycle bin for trash, and the recycle truck picks it up. Would there be a problem if trash is in with the recycling?



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    Not a huge problem, but someone is causing a great deal of annoyance for the sorters down at the local recycling plant, many of whom are employed to sort through your recycling and filter out things like the lids and hard plastic of bottletops, yogurt cups, and other recycling mistakes.

    I hope this helped!

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    It is unfortunate if someone is putting trash in their recycling bin!

    Most recycling centers have people who sort the materials that come in. They typically sort glass from plastic from paper, etc. However, if trash or a nonrecycleable item ends up in the bin, they will sort this out, also. However, this creates much more work and the employees do not want to deal with trash, like diapers and chicken bones, etc.

    Perhaps you can talk with your neighbor about what is recycleable and what is not. Perhaps they are confused and you could help them to learn.

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