I am starting a diet program why are they having me eat minimal carbs at first then a more balance diet later?



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    Carbs is one of our main food sources but it is composed mostly of all junkfoods. Carbs are just sugars and maybe they want you to cut down on your main sugar intake before they try to put you on track. 🙂

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    I can think of a few reasons this may be.

    1) Most Americans eat too many carbs, so it may be a way of trying to balance out your carbohydrate intake.

    2) Low carb diets produce fast weight loss in the beginning but are not healthy to follow for an extended period of time, so it may be a form of motivation. 

    3) By focusing more on other foods, like vegetables, nuts, and lean protein in the beginning, it will be easier to keep up with the diet later on.

    4) As Madahbee said, junk food is all carbs, so by limiting carbs in the beginning you are able to break junk food habits and focus on wholesome, healthful foods. Plus, most processed foods are full of carbs, so it will limit your consumption of processed foods as well. 

    An interesting documentary on the over consumption of carbs and processed foods in the U.S. is Fat Head. You might find it has some useful information. 

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