I am interested in oil painting, but I am wary of using paints and thinners that could do harm to the environment. Is there a way to make your own paint similar to oil paint?

I assume that the old painting masters hundreds of years ago had a way of making paint that was much more environmentally friendly than the paints we use today.



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    I was browsing around for art supplies a little while ago and I came across a site that was selling Walnut oil paint. I don’t know how well it would work (I have never worked with it and was reluctant to buy it) but perhaps you would be interested in it anyway. They provide a really great history on the product. Walnut oil paint has apparently been used since the 5th century and they say that it is sturdier than limeseed based oil paints. There are also no solvents added, so it is really easy to control. Check it out bellow.

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    Oil paints can be pretty nasty, both for the environment and for the artist. While the old masters did mix their paints by hand, they were unfortunately not aware of how toxic much of what they were using was, and made colors such as lead white.

    This art supply site has a wide variety of green products you might want to look at. Check out Gamblin’s Artist’s Oil colors, for example. They should be safer for you and the environment. http://www.dickblick.com/green/#ecoproducts

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    There are some more environmentally friendly paint thinners, like Eco House’s Extra Mild Citrus Thinner. I don’t use oil paint, so I’ve never used it and can’t attest to its effectiveness, but the description says that orange pee oil as the solvent, which surely is a lot better than what is used it petroleum-based solvents.

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