I am having trouble sleeping is there something natural that I can take to help?



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    When I was doing Crew, we had 5AM practices, and i had trouble falling asleep early enough to have enough energy in the morning for a hard row! I started taking Melatonin, a substance your body naturally produces.

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    Some natural sleep aids include:
    Valerian Root

    Personally, I’ve tried all of these, Valerian root works pretty well – but does cause some delirium, and I didn’t like melatonin at all.

    As redundant as it may sound; from my personal experience trying to find some way to exercise at moderate intensity for about an hour a day has accomplished the best results.

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    Before you resort to taking a supplement to help you sleep, try some of these natural sleep aids: exercise, aromatherapy (English lavender), yoga, soothing music, relaxation techniques like visualization, the herbs Valerian and kava, cutting out caffeine and sweets, eating Tryptophan and carbohydrate rich foods, magnesium rich foods like sweet potatoes act as a natural sedative, and making sure your room is dark when you go to bed and has lots of light when you need to wake up, this helps put your body into a natural rhythm.

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    I agree that you should take melatonin, which enhances your body’s reaction to the dark and creates the feeling that you need to sleep when it becomes dark outside. It follows that you should take melatonin in the evening and turn the lights out for the substance to take effect.

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