I also have things to talk to you

“I? Coach, you let me first say that?” Mark has a feeling flattered, and then really start turning the hands of the Notepad. It seems that he did not see Li Xiang embarrassment, but he as the head coach’s trust in him, “If we do not mind, I would like to talk about yesterday, the second half our defensive formation.
“Very well, start here!” Li Xiang immediately to the spirit, as long as someone holds a good head, he is confident the coaching session to proceed.
Mark pulls out of yesterday’s locker room in the midfield to record evolutions map, simply repeat Li Xiang is how 3421 turned into 4231’s. discount nfl jerseys,In fact, the presence of members of the coaching staff now, was in the locker room, but they, unlike Mark, like the pen to paper only.
“Yes, that is so, I am prepared to renovate the team’s defensive system in the new season yesterday’s first half, we have seen, the four midfielders very poor sense of place, they can not accurately understand their own defense area in the back line, close to the two wings of the players can not respond to the Bayern repeated breakthroughs and interspersed … “Li Xiang a simple introduction to the idea of their own evolutions, while paying attention to the expression of these professional coaches. They have agreed to place a severe expression also shows that they have their own ideas.
“I think the parallel of two lumbar sites need to be adjusted. In fact, our guard is more like a free man standing in front of their” talking is the Saar, he is about a 50-year-old old coach, before also have coached Frankfurt first team. But was later proven his ability to withstand pressure is not enough to serve as the head coach position.
The old coach calls the “free man”, who of German football great glory. One of the most representative figures, of course, is the famous Franz Beckenbauer, and after him, Mateus.
“You said it right, but in fact … Mark, your picture on the blackboard.” Li Xiang to wait until Mark 4231 the formation picture on the blackboard behind after two lumbar pointing up, “I does not require the two lower back parallel to the station, even though I really do, in the actual game can not be fully achieved. I hope that our two lumbar and three offensive avant-garde form a whole, will team on both ends of the organic combination of …… As for the settings of the free man, unfortunately, it does take, is almost the rule of the audience, our team is obviously no such person! ”
Li Xiang instructions soon be understanding and recognition of several coaches and German so-called face-saving habits. nfl jerseys authentic, You’re right, they will respect your views.
In fact, plainly, Li Xiang is just ten years after the most popular and most effective tactical ideas in the second division arena. Proven time and practice, of course, is correct.
“Well, three avant-garde players how to configure it? Yesterday’s game, they have little to make any contribution to the team’s defense, this is your … your thoughts?” Another one is responsible for tactical coach Nader Noel, group members raised a sharp questions.
“No, three avant-garde of the configuration should be based on the opponent’s characteristics and existing players, spot decisions. As for the avant-garde defense issues, yesterday’s game is just a special case, that I am not prepared to allow the team to long-running tactics. Look at here, perhaps I will after the two, depending on the opponent’s waist before the arrangements a slow, but the stability ball, the player, control the tempo, then when, in fact, this situation will become … The … Of course, this is just one example. “Li Xiang he explains, while on the blackboard to erase the original formation, three avant-garde position has been adjusted.
Discussion on the defensive formation were nearly one and a half hours, and eventually the whole coaching staff reached a consensus. They believe that the evolutions of Li Xiang adventure, but it should be very effective in specific circumstances will have to wait to test.
Li Xiang is the head coach of the youth team in the relegation, after most of the main players leaving the team, in fact, he is the head coach. Therefore, he decided the fact of the matter has not changed.
Below we discuss the offensive aspects, I think the first analysis from the perspective of a single player …… “Li Xiang is preparing went on to say, wholesale authentic jerseys ,Mark polite to interrupt. Look at the clock on the wall, have been lunch time.
“I’m sorry, it seems I still have not learned to respect the time I just do not work up the will to forget a lot of things.” Li Xiang again Forget about the time to apologize. This time, the attitude of several members of the coaching staff obviously good many, they at least have recognized the Orientals coach working attitude and enthusiasm. In theory, they also see the ability of the new coach.
Xiang Li said earlier that a lot of things in the world after 10 years, and perhaps some veteran fans can be interpreted. But now Germany is definitely the football theory class there have been no.
Meal a pleasant working lunch, Li Xiang own good interpersonal skills, and become friends quickly and these members of the coaching staff. The younger Mark, could see that he was very serious, yet humorous Li Xiang.
Lunch break, Li Xiang came to his office and started looking for their luggage. Sure enough, Lilith said, only one brought to the jolly will be too small black travel bag.
Opened the package, two of clothes, a razor, bottle of men’s perfume, the other are some of the German mark, a passport, the coach’s license, ID card, etc., and there is no particular need to pay attention to things.
Passports and identity cards of all kinds of items received in the drawer of his desk, Li Xiang began to look for the things of interest. But in fact, this is a new clean up the room, in addition to photographs of basic office equipment and the wall preserved, without any appendage.
“Really is to start from scratch.” Li Xiang station to the window, just to see the whole picture of the Wald Stadium. Yesterday, where his re-started football career.
“… I can not have time to think about life, missed opportunities, I have a lot of things to do.” Li Xiang to start their own hands, clean up the room, he needs to clean up a relatively comfortable environment. The next two weeks, cheap authentic nfl jerseys, there will be his coach and manager career “stronghold”.
The training program of the first team, reserve management, long-term development program for young players, the new season, the German second division team, the youth academy of internal management and so on and so forth, should be completed in this office.
“Coach, can I come?” Mark gently pushed open the office door, ready to come in from the afternoon meeting time, twenty minutes.
“Sure, come on, I also have things to talk to you.” Li Xiang Mark welcome to come straight to the point of the inquiry he came to his subject matter.



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