Is hydroponics eco-friendly?

Give your reasons for your answer.



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    “Give reasons for your answer” makes it fairly clear that this is homework. See the link, read the article, then arrive at your own conclusions and reasons.

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    Hydroponics can potentially be an eco-friendly alternative to standard farming.  For one thing, it requires no soil, which means less land you have to develop for agriculture.  Another thing to consider is that you’ll be using less (if any) pesticides with a hydroponic set up, because it will be in a controlled environment indoors, unexposed to pest species and other contaminants.  You can also recycle the water you’re using, so no resources are wasted through methods like flood irrigation.

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    Yes, hydroponics is not only safe for the environment, it is beneficial! Hydroponics is a method that grows plants without soil.  Instead the plants roots are immersed directly in liquid nutrient solutions such as potassium, nitrogen, and other minerals.

    Hydroponic gardening is under a more controlled environment as opposed to regular gardening. Productivity yields higher results and there is a dramatic decrease in pest problems. Also since no soil is used it eliminates the possibility of soil-borne diseases.

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