Is hydrogen gas a viable alternative fuel?



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    First of all this is a very opinion based question so keep in mind my answer is one opinion out of many.  From my current experience hydrogen research is slow and fraught with many challenges.  History has shown the enormous danger of hydrogen with such events such as the Hindenburg.  Nonetheless hydrogen fuel cells if successful would harness a great deal energy without great environmental strain.  In my opinion much more research is needed before any large scale projects are undertaken, considering the difficulties and dangers of hydrogen power.

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    As car fuel, hydrogen gas works. By putting it in fuel cells, it works as a battery to power cars while producing nothing more than water. However, it’s viability as a market replacement for gasoline is a bit sketchier. The first problem would be producing it. Oil companies say obtaining it from natural gas would be the easiest possibility, but this would produce CO2 which doesn’t help if hydrogen gas is being offered as a renewable or cleaner source of energy. Furthermore, there isn’t an infrastructure for hydrogen gas yet. New gas stations would have to be built, and until the car industry sees a market for hydrogen gas, they don’t have a huge incentive to construc these stations.

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    While hydrogen supplies three times the energy of gas per pound of gasoline, it is only one tenth the density in its liquid form and much much less as a gas. Hydrogen tanks would have to be large as a liquid, so the size of tank needed to run on gas hydrogen is not feasible.

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