Is hydraulic fractuing a safe way to extract natural gas?



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    Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, can have a lot of negative side effects that harm the environment and human beings.  Fracking produces a huge amount of toxic waste water, which is sometimes run through public sewers which are not properly equipped to clean this kind of waste. This means that fracking allows harmful substances like chemicals and heavy metals to enter the ecosystem and often find their way into our drinking water. In fact, the EPA recently conducted a study that officially links water contamination to fracking for the first time.

    Check out this article on GreenAnswers for more info.

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    While hydraulic fracturing does  pose a threat to groundwater wupplies the fracturing process is not the problem but rather design and maintenance. Poorly constructed pipelines and wastewater containment areas allow the hyraulic chemicals to seep into wastewater, not actual rock fracturing. In fact non-hydraulic methods of fracking have been introduced that eliminate water contamination but these technologies have been refined or embraced by companies.

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