Is human waste a good fertilizer?



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    See the link below for previous discussions on this topic at Green Answers.

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    It depends on the human and how nutrient-rich his/her diet is. A person with a healthy diet filled with raw ingredients will most likely produce better “fertilizer” than a person who eats a lot of processed foods.

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    Yes.  Human waster was commonly used for compost in feudal Japan.  It was called, “night soil” and was collected and resold to farmers.  Human waste is indeed able to be converted into a very rich fertilizer.  An easy method is to create a pit out of cinder blocks.  Then slowly fill the pit with alternating quantities of human waste and dry plant material.  Make sure to keep this pit away from any water sources or other cross contamination possibilities.  Once the human waste has matured into compost it is able to be used for the fertilization of fruit or nut trees.   

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