Is human shelter a human right?



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    I would definitely have to say that it is, if I believe healthcare is a human right (which I do) then I must believe an even more basic amenity must be. Not too surprisingly so does Amnesty International – one of the top human rights organizations – “During World Habitat Day we reflect on the basic right that all people have to adequate shelter” (Amnesty). More surprisingly though, some governments are starting to agree, in the UK: “Shelter is a basic human right, says Court of Appeal.”

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    Let’s consult Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I would put tend to put shelter as a BASIC need, along with food, water, breathing, sleep, etc, though you could argue that shelter is a 2nd level PHYSIOLOGICAL need, along with safety, employment and resources.

    Either way, shelter is a fundamental human need and therefore a right. Adequacy of the shelter is where the line becomes a little blurred, according to different cultural standards. Just among my friends, I can see totally different standards for acceptable shelter (ie living quarters).

    No one will deny that shelter is a right, but quality will vary from place to place.

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    I’d have to say that it is. Shelter is something all humans should be entitled to regardless of who they are. Everyone needs a place to stay.

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