Is human sewage safe to use to fertilize crops? What about my garden?



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    Converting human waste into fertilizer is not an easy task. (Yes, you should convert it first) The problem with pure human waste is that it is too concentrated and thus harmful to plants. So the only way to make it safe and productive for plants is to convert it in the same way sewage is converted. Like a chemistry experiment, a “urine into fertilizer” kit is available at The system utilizes magnesium chloride to bond with the nitrogen, phosphorus, pharmacological micropollutants, and other metabolites in urine to produce a solid fertilizer called struvite that is not harmful to plants. Even then, the solid fertilizer needs to be diluted with 4 liters of water per vial of fertilizer before being administered to gardens every 2-3 months.

    Your neighbors may complain if you use too much though.

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