Is human hair being used to clean up the oil spill?



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    According to this article,, hair is not being used. Instead, BP is using a sorbent boom designed to attract oil, but repel water.

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    While BP isn’t using hair to clean up the oil spill, various gulf municipalities, harbors, beach condo associations, and hotels are using booms made of hair to protect their shores, estuaries, canals, etc.  See the link below for more information.

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    Yes! Matter of Trust is one organization collecting hair to be used to clean up oil in the Gulf. Hair is stuffed into nylon tubes called “booms” (really just stockings) and placed around a spill, because hair is very effective in collecting oil. In this picture are some of the booms the organization has created. It is unclear at this time whether this procedure has been mobilized in the Gulf, but Matter of Trust is stocked with booms ready to go to address this spill.

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