Is the human population growth rate increasing or decreasing?



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    The world population is expected to increase steadily until the year 2050.  However, the growth rate at 2.2% is only half of what it was in 1963.  Birth rates have leveled off while death rates continue to increase.  Since birth rates are still higher than death rates the world population is expected to grow to 9 billion by the year 2040.

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    It is decreasing, current population growth rate of about 1.3% per year is lower than the roughly 2.1% growth-rate experienced between from 1965 to 1970. But now that there are so many more people on the earth, the world population is growing by 70 to 90 million a year.

    U.S. Census World Population Growth Graph

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    The human population growth rate is definitely increasing.  Since the life expectancy rate has been increasing, and with the increase of technology, there have been correlations between the two.  Also, in many developing nations, where the growth rate is a lot higher than developed nations, the education level is lower, and thus, the community is uneducated about birth control and other factors such as that. 

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    The population is growing, but the growth rate has basically leveled off and might decline. A slower growth rate, however, doesn’t mean population will decline.

    The number of births per year has dropped from 173 million in the late 90s to 140 million. The number of deaths, however, is expected to increase from 57 million per year to 80 million per year by 2040. As of 2009, growth rate is hovering around 1.1% per year.

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