Is human contact causing this fungus? I understand that if we leave them alone they may be less irritated but not sure about the spread of the disease part.



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    The US Fish and Wildlife Service believes that the spread of the fungus is caused mainly by bat to bat contact. However, there is a good possibility that the fungus could be carried on clothing and gear that humans bring from cave to cave.

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    No one knows at this time exactly what the cause is, how it’s spreading or what the actual issues are.  It’s also not known if the fungus is the primary cause of the disease or it it’s an opportunistic secondary effect of something else.  They do know that the bats are using up their fat reserves and are unable to survive winter.  One of the first lines of defense against the human spread of the fungus, is that federal and state agencies are encouraging recreational cavers to stay out of caves and abandoned mines and they have asked commercial cave operators and others to develop white-nose syndrome education programs to inform the public about the disease.  They have also developed decontamination solutions to help halt human spread of the fungus using household chemicals such as ammonium-based Lysol brand disinfectanct and ways to treat clothing and equipment.  The FWS link includes the decontamination protocos for cavers and researchers.

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