huge reserves of natural gas stretch hundreds, maybe thousands, of square miles along ny and pa. oil and gas companies have developed a process called ‘fracking’ which uses and re-uses chemicals and water to get the gas.

i’ve seen a documentary film in which a household running water faucet caught fire when lit by a match in an area where gas companies where working. my question: are local, state, and federal authorities acting in the best interest of the public by allowing “fracking’ to extract natural gas; or, are there safer ways to get at the resource?



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    I’m not sure of you question but I do know a little about hydrofracking. We are getting petitions signed right now to put an admendant on the Michigan state constution to ban all hydrofracking. It is a very dangerous process that threatens our health and out enviroment. For more info see the movie Gasland.

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      i did see gasland on hbo and was shocked by what i saw in the documentary, but, i wanted another opinion. why is it then, that the petrochemical companies are touting this process as safe and the answer to our energy needs for the next 100 years? are there two legitimate sides here or am i just being naive?

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