How is Yellowstone planning on cleaning up all the oil still left behind from the oil spill?



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    The oil spill has proven more difficult to clean up than authorities first thought. It is projected that the spill will take at least until the end of fall to clean up. The difficulty has been in cleaning up scattered sites and removing crude from debris piles.  Although the EPA said Exxon must have the spill cleaned up by Sep 9th (which has obviously passed), apparently the deadline was not a strict one. The calendar date is not as important as the results so once officials have determined that the area is back to normal and has been cleaned thoroughly the cleanup can stop. About 1,000 people, including about 850 exxon mobile people, are involved in the cleanup. The Crew cuts down branches and pulls out material covered in the oil and hauls it away in plastic bags. A lot of sorting by hand is done to remove anything touched by the oil.

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