How is Xerox planning on becoming carbon neutral?



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    Xerox has laid out some of the most ambitious environmental goals of any US company, including a commitment to eventually reach carbon neutrality.  Between 2002 and 2008, Xerox already reduced its company-wide greenhouse emissions by 20%, and it plans to reduce emissions25% below 2002 levels by the year 2012.  These reductions seem to have so far been made mostly through investments in energy-effient appliances, and purchasing materials that have as small an environmental impact as possible.  Most companies that attempt carbon neutrality have to rely to some extent on carbon “offsets” – not quite as impressive as actually reducing real emissions.  It’s unclear how much Xerox will rely on offsets, but encouraging that they’ve already set strong short-term goals for reducing actual emissions from their company.  Xerox also wants to eventually eliminate landfill waste from its company, and source all of its paper from sustainable paper-making operations.

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