How would you spend stimulus dollars if it were up to you?



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    I would invest in environmental education. One of the largest (but least often recognized )causes of the environmental problems that we have in this country has to do with our ignorance of the natural world. How many people these days know how to identify their local flora and fauna? The staggering sums of money we spend each year in environmental recovery programs might be saved if people simply knew better than to disfigure the environment in the first place. The more people knew about the diversity of nature, the less inclined they would be to participate in the harmful (and ultimately expensive) practices that destroy it.

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    I’d spend it on the technological development of renewable energy and resources, as well as alternatively-powered vehicles. I think we are on the right track by doing this already, but the process is moving at a fairly slow pace. I’d pump more money into it, hoping to speed things up, and it would also create more “green” jobs.

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