How would you get dry salt from sand ocean water?



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    Sea salt is obtained through the evaporation of ocean water. This is ideal to be done where the climate is warm, rainfall is low, and the wind is dry. The places where marine salt is extracted are much expended. Almost 90 % of these surfaces are occupied by evaporation basins and the rest for crystallization, the process through which salt is passed into crystals. First, the sea water is left to flow in a series of shallow basins, separated by dikes and wooden obstacles, a phase during which the salt concentration in the water rises. The evaporation process lasts 90-100 days in the tropical climate. Even if after evaporation the main chemical achieved is sodium chloride, the sea water also contains small amounts of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and other salts. These salts precipitate or separate from seawater at different moments, deposing themselves in layers on the bottom of the evaporation basins. The resulting extremely concentrated saline solution is left flowing in the crystallization (recollection) basins. Here, the sea water is almost completely gone, remaining just solid salt.

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