How would you define sustainable living?



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    Sustainable living refers to a lifestyle adopted by an individual or society that promotes the reduction of use of the earth’s natural resources.

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    I’d define sustainable living as doing whatever you can on a daily basis to make yourself more “green”. Practical things for the populace like reducing your carbon emissions (driving your car less, keeping the car in shape), reducing your waste (not throwing out so much, recycling as much as possible), trying to use as little power as possible (shut things off, unplug things, put electronics on surge protectors so you can simply flip a switch), and buying things more acceptable for the Earth, green products in general – though we must watch for greenwashing. To name a few of the things that can help contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle, it is not a sprint but a marathon, take on only what you can. Being a vegan for a week is nowhere near as good as a vegetarian for years.

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    To me, sustainable living means having no negative impact on the environment in anyway.

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