How would you change the design of green labels if you could?



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    While USDA Organic is a good system, many people want to know more about their food & home products’ overall eco-footprint, including not just the use of organic/inorganic techniques, but also miles traveled and origin. More comprehensive food labels with this information would greatly help consumers navigate the tricky process of being a “green” consumer.

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    I would like to see more information to go along with green labels. I would like to know if the product was made using renewable energy, including its transportation, distribution, and disposal. I would also like to know how much waste was generated by the product, during its entire life cycle, and what efforts the company is doing to mitigate those impacts. Perhaps, more green labels could be used to give a rating of how environmentally damaging a product is, which would include a life cycle analysis of the product and a detailed analysis of the company. Including how much energy they use, what percentage of recycled materials they are using, and much more related to their environmental impacts.

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    I would alter the logo so it was larger along with more information on what the product is doing to conserve energy and resources.

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    I think that one of the most important features needs to be consistency. Therefore people can easily find green products. As USDA Organic has developed a consistent and recognized system, there needs be a company that will do that for green products. I agree with “portland1983″‘s guidelines of what to include- a life cycle analysis would provide consumers with a great idea of what they are using!

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    I agree with some of the above suggestions.  It is confusing when a product is simply labeled as green.  This makes it too easy for a company to make false claims in order to trick consumers into buying their product.  I would find it useful to know exactly why a product is labeled as green.

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