How would we adapt to higer grounds if low lands get flooded? (california)



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    I think you may be asking about sea level rises rather than a one time flood, so I’ll address that.  If there was a permanent change to the geography of the state, people would have to relocate based on those changes, keeping in mind that there would be the possibility of more change to come.  Most of these changes are rather gradual – not usually flooding such as happened after Katrina.  So usually people would have time to relocate based on how high the waters rose, erosion and things of that nature.  Keep in mind that land changes are always happening, and they happen everywhere – just not at the same time.  So many places that were good to live in at a given point in time – may not be now and some places that were not very good to live in, maybe didn’t have good soil for crops, or enough clean water, have changed and can now support human populations.

     So to answer your question specifically – as long as your not refering to a hurricane type of flood – but something over time, people can adapt to living in lowlands or higher ground just fine once they have food, water and shelter.

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